Rising seas

“We can’t protect everything”

In the future, the Danish coasts will be hit hard by rising sea levels, something we’re not prepared enough for. Professor Karsten Arnbjerg-Nielsen therefore calls for an overall plan for how to protect ourselves against the large water volumes.

Part of the Fortifications of Copenhagen at Ordrup Krat was built in the late 1800s as a huge moat with canals and dams that could be flooded in the event of war. The ability to control floods has apparently been lost since then, says Karsten Arnbjerg-Nielsen. Photo: Thomas Steen Sørensen
  • Has conducted research into climate adaptation, floods, and extreme rainfall at DTU since 2008.
  • Focuses in particular on how cities can use water in a smarter way to become more resilient to climate extremes.
  • Participates in a large European research project on hydrology under the title Panta Rhei, which means ‘everything flows’ in ancient Greek.
  • Employs in his doctoral dissertation from 2020 statistical models to predict how much rain we can expect in Denmark in the future and how to prepare for it.